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Creating Harmony Within Ourselves and Sustainability Within Our Planet.



At United Conscious Communities we are passionate about doing our part in creating a more sustainable and energetically harmonious experience with Mother Earth. Our mission is to create  balance within ourselves using our collective knowledge of metaphysics and energy stabilizing techniques while simultaneously educating others on how to establish and maintain peace within themselves. In time these practices create a conscious reconnection with the earth. Our goal is to use permaculture and regenerative agricultural methods to pave the way for the abundant increase of Her resources.



It is our grandest desire to live in harmony with the divine Mother Gaia. To manifest this into our physical reality we have opened our hearts to creating eco-villages around the world starting in America.  Our vision for these villages include plant based ecosystems with off grid styled air-crete  dome earth homes for its residents, sacred space to hold meditations, energy healings, ceremonies and commUNITY for all beings of light who are choosing the path of conscious evolution.


We have a deep innerstanding of the importance of spiritual evolution to create lasting sustainable change. In order to create harmony in the earth we have to first create harmony within ourselves. With open hearts, empowerment, and all encompassing love we plan to host sacred ceremonies that promote spiritual awakening and conscious lifestyle choices. We encourage healing through intentional creativity, honoring our sacred temple, honoring the divine polarity of masculine and feminine aspects in all beings and facilitating the integration of the holy trinity of mind, body and spirit. By creating events and ceremonies that focus on spiritual development we are bridging the gap in our collective consciousness between duality and oneness and ushering in 5D energy of unconditional love.



Go with where your heart leads you.

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Show Your Support

Want to join our efforts but not sure where to start? Make a Donation and take advantage of this incredible opportunity to lend your support. It’s a great way to contribute to our cause, and every little bit counts towards paving the path for a better tomorrow. Get in touch with us today for more details about how you can help.


Have an Impact

Our organization always appreciates the generosity and involvement of people like you, with every contribution going towards making United Conscious Communities an even better Non-Profit than it already is. We want to provide you with the correct and appropriate information pertaining to your mode of support, so don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions.

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Help Us Soar

This is one of the simplest ways to help out our cause. We believe the best way for our initiatives to be successful is for the community to actively get involved. This is an easy and efficient way of contributing to the great work we do at United Conscious Communities. Get in touch with any questions about how you can Volunteer Your Time today.





Director of Operations

Indi manages all stages of UCC. From conception to this current moment she has been working diligently to bring her vision to fruition for the collective. The foundation was revealed to her after a deeply submersive spiritual experience in the Amazon and continues to grow as she unites beings of light from every corner of the world.  She dedicates most of her time and earnings from her metaphsical boutique and channeled music creations to this cause because she strongly believes in humanity one day choosing oneness over separation and in re-establishing harmony with our highest selves and the earth. With her gifts of channeling from higher realms she offers ancient knowledge, wisdom and guidance straight from the akashic records and uses shamanic energy transmutation methods to open open portals to harmonic balance.



Media Manager

 When she's not working on people's hearts or saving lives at the hospital she is putting her remaining energy into media operations for UCC. With love in her heart and spiritual development on her mind she strives to live and grow in an environment that is both nurturing and sustainable. She uses her knowledge of divine numerology to provide insight and clarity for all seekers.



Ceremony Administrator

Heather's role at UCC requires time, energy, and dedication. As the ceremony administrator, she manages and directs all communication and connection with shamans, energy healers, teachers and farmers who collaborate with us. When she isn't working on tasks at UCC she is connecting seekers with beauty and balance by providing face and body energy healing massages and sacred cosmetic tattooing at her own private shop. She also brings calm to your conscience by offering rune and tarot readings.



Ceremony Coordinator

Gabrielle is a multidimensional light being of honesty and love. Her unsettled determination to bring harmony and sustainability to our home planet brings ease to her role as ceremony coordinator through a divine connection to all other beings of light. she provides a stress free environment for seekers by coordinating ceremonies from start to finish. She also offers Lemurian tarot readings to assist  with rememberance of the connection to the Divine Source.